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Disclaimer :

1 . If you have registered in our shop & added balance you have accepted all of our rules!
2 . The owners of this page will take NO responsibility for the way you use the information provided on this website!

Refunding Rules :

If Problem!!! Send To My Email : Thanks

1 . Check the RDP / Account Dating Site before you buy .
2 . RDP”s are hacked so we can only refund if RDP doesn’t work , We dont refund if someone else is using the same RDP because they are not our RDP’s , they are hacked RDP’s and their legit administrator can login from time-to-time .
3 . Email & Pass are Fresh and most of them work , but as you know there cannot be a 100% valid Rate , so we dont refund for each bad email & pass .
4 . We dont refund if your purchased accounts in our store have been restricted for the IP Address fault, like PayPal Accounts and such.

Payment Rules :

If Problem!!! Send To My Email : Thanks

1 . You must transfer the exact amount , in other case we cannot discount the tool-prices .
2 . We can only refund You in the shop , so if You make a transfer please be sure that the money will not be returned back ! ( If My tools has problem you will get replace )
3 . Minimum to add in the Linktoyou for every payment method is 5$

Support RulesIf Problem!!! Send To My Email : Thanks

1 . Do not use insulting words and do not use prejudicious words like ” scam ” ” rip ” etc …
2 . Do not create double-Mail , create just one Mail and include all your problems then wait for your ticket to be replied .

Every lack of respect for these rules will result to a Permanently Ban !